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SmarTTargeT Marketing is a full service target marketing agency comprised of marketing and consulting professionals with extensive experience in database marketing, list management, and direct marketing.


  • Business lists

    • Postal address business list

      Compiled from business listings that include the selects of business type, number of employees, sales volume, year started, public or privately held business, corporate headquarters or branch, contact name, job titles, franchise and other selects that are telephone verified annually.
      Count: 14,000,000 Cost: $85/M

    • Email address business list

      Compiled from business listings that include all the selects within the Postal Address Business List, plus email addresses.
      Count: 3,500,000 Cost: $380/M*
      *price includes email transmission

    • Occupation

      Doctor, mechanic, school teacher, engineer. An individual's occupation provides insight about interests, activities and disposable income.
      Count: 104,000,000 Cost: $50/M

    • Licensed professional

      This database contains business professionals licensed by states. Occupations available are: auctioneers, accountants, architects, interior designers, barbers, condominium association managers, cooperative project managers, construction, cosmetologists, electricians, funeral directors, landscapers, real estate appraisers, real estate developers, real estate agents and veterinarians.
      Count: 1,467,191 Cost: $65/M

    • Nurses

      A distinctive database of medical professionals. Certification/License held segmentation is available—Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Physician Assistant (PA) and Registered Nurse (RN).
      Count: 424,573 Cost: $65/M

    • Hispanic nurses

      A distinctive database of Hispanic medical professionals. Type of certification segmentation is available, such as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Physician Assistant (PA) and Registered Nurse (RN).
      Count: 42,997 Cost: $80/M

  • Outdoor and recreational lists

    • Recreational vehicle owners

      RV owners who live the lifestyle of travel and the outdoors, often visiting the nation's many parks. Selections include income, age, homeownership, and other lifestyle interests.
      Count: 1,932,384 Cost: $85/M

    • Boat owners

      Owners of boats who are constantly in need of goods and services to maintain their vessels.
      Count: 2,236,698 Cost: $85/M

    • Outdoor sports enthusiasts

      Ideal targeting for outdoor hunting, fishing, shooting, boating and vacation destination marketing.
      Count: 2,978,407 Cost: $85/M

    • Campers & outdoorsmen

      A database segment of motor coach, 5th-wheel, travel trailer, RV, and camper owners. These consumers love the outdoors, regularly using their leisure time for outdoor recreation. This segment is ideal for: Outdoor/Camping vacation destination marketing; Outdoor/Camping activity marketing; Announcing outdoor/camping services, supplies, products and RV replacement or upgrade purchases.
      Count: 157,354 Cost: $65/M

  • Florida lists

    • Vacation homeowners

      A database of consumers who own property in Florida. Their permanent mailing address may be in another state, but they also have a second home at their dream destination—Florida. They are "snow-birds" or "summer-birds"—arriving either during the winter or summer months.
      Count: 389,451 Cost: $60/M

    • Landowners

      A special database of landowners who purchased property in Florida as an investment. Attributes available include property use, valuation, county of ownership, Zip code and years owned.
      Count: 1,130,000 Cost: $60/M

    • Out-of-state investors

      A unique list of affluent real estate investors. Segmented by second home or vacant lot owners. Other selections include valuation, country of origin, postal or zip code, state or province. These investors may have purchased their property through the mail or via telephone solicitation.
      Count: 652,555 Cost: $80/M

    • Snowbirds

      These homeowners, with high discretionary incomes, are gleaned from the Florida property tax rolls. The list contains a permanent mailing address located outside Florida guaranteeing that these people are 2nd home owners. These consumers are accustomed to receiving information in the mail affecting their lives and property.
      Count: 357,932 Cost: $65/M

    • Summertime visitors

      Escape to the beach! Fun in the Florida sun! The permanent mailing address for these second homeowners is outside the state of Florida. Owners of these Florida coastal homes visit primarily in the summer months. They are predominantly from surrounding Southern states.
      Count: # Cost: $#/M

    • Mobile home owners

      This database contains all mobile home owners registered in the state of Florida. Also included are manufactured homes and out of state owners of mobile homes ( i.e. �Snowbirds�)
      Count: 489,597 Cost: $50/M

    • Wealthy widows residing in Florida

      A legally documented list of widows in Florida provides the opportunity to reach a valuable and responsive subset of the population. These permanent residents live in homes valued at $60,000+ with equity of at least $40,000. Their average income is $30,000 and may be selected by ethnicity.
      Count: 375,459 Cost: $65/M

    • Florida property investors

      This list is a valuable way to reach affluent Florida real estate investors. These investors are proven purchasers of Florida real estate, many with high incomes. At times, the purchases have been completed site unseen via mail or telephone. These people can be classified as risk takers.
      Count: 1,220,000 Cost: $65/M

  • Donors

    • Jewish charity donors

      A list of donors to a variety of fundraising efforts for the Jewish community in the United States and Israel.
      Count: 333,424 Cost: $65/M

    • Jewish philanthropists

      A list of humanitarians who donate to both Israel and United States organizations that improve human welfare. They have donated to bond drives for Israel, hospitals in both Israel and the United states, and contributed to those organizations that have assistance programs for Jews in the United states and Israel. This file has worked well for "the arts", causes, and other non-denominational charities.
      Count: # Cost: $#/M

    • Education donors

      Donors that are committed to improving the Florida educational systems. These individuals have contributed to colleges or universities in the state of Florida, educational foundations or educational organizations. They also may have contributed directly to district school boards.Such segmentation is well matched for private or public school Fundraisers, magnet schools, libraries, research projects and other education oriented programs.
      Count: 142,478 Cost: $65/M

    • Environmental causes donors

      Community environmentalists—this segmentation is comprised of donors to such causes. Some of the causes supported by these donors include: - Save the Manatees - Environmental Education Trust - Restore the Florida Indian River Lagoon - Save the Sea Turtles.
      Count: 156,659 Cost: $65/M

    • Animal lovers

      A database segment of individuals focused on humane treatment of animals. These people have supported and/or contributed to efforts designed to protect dolphins, sea turtles, panthers, manatees, fresh water fish and other non-game wildlife. Many are also involved in the ongoing preservation of natural habitats nationwide.
      Count: 235,474 Cost: $65/M

    • Benefactors to charity

      Donors to a variety of causes—environment, education, community, and social issues. Donors can be segmented by type of cause, geography, income, ethnicity, and gender.
      Count: 549,047 Cost: $65/M

    • Donors

      Donors who contribute to a variety of causes, i.e., environment, education, religious, sports, animals, political, and community programs.
      Count: 576,890 Cost: $65/M

    • Youth mentors

      Adults who care deeply about today's youth and the challenges they face. These people are involved with juvenile drug prevention programs, crime prevention programs, and early intervention & outreach plans. They are supporters of the Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts, Boys & Girls Club, sports, etc.
      Count: 33,759 Cost: $75/M

  • Homeowners/Renters

    • Homeowners

      A unique real estate owners and investors database. Among the attributes available for selection are property use, assessed value, county, and zip code. Condominiums have specific unit numbers.
      Count: 6,680,000 Cost: $40/M

    • African-American homeowners

      A unique segment of real estate owners. Among the attributes available for selection are assessed value, dwelling type, equity years, county, and zip code.
      Count: 241,110 Cost: $65/M

    • Hispanic homeowners

      This unique Hispanic database is built by cross-indexing other public records where the addressee states that they are Hispanic. The list has been used by marketers who, because of their market place, demand an accurate Hispanic name and address list.
      Count: 616,021 Cost: $50/M

    • Renters

      Consumers who are renting their place of residence. Matching various public records produces a one-of-a-kind tested and true renters file.
      Count: 3,420,217 Cost: $40/M

    • Second homeowners

    • Home improvement

      An extremely unique list of single-family homeowners sorted by property use, valuation, county, zip code, years owned, and homestead status.
      Count: 3,360,000 Cost: $60/M

    • Homeowners with equity

      This list contains people who own single-family property with equity. Selection is available by the number of years of equity and assessed value of the property.
      Count: 3,200,000 Cost: $60/M

  • Lifestyle and interests

    • Fine art enthusiasts

      This database segment contains the most affluent connoisseurs of the fine arts. These individuals attend the ballet, theatre, opera, symphony, art shows and galleries. They are the �who�s who� of the cultural scene and have responded to previous direct marketing offers.
      Count: 332,117 Cost: $80/M

    • Fun-loving gambling junketeers

      These consumers are looking for fun. This list consists of fifty plus years old, predominantly female. They like to travel and enjoy the excitement of a "Vegas-like" atmosphere.
      Count: 374,078 Cost: $65/M

    • Spanish-speaking consumers

      An exceptional database of Spanish-speaking individuals. These consumers have exhibited the propensity to respond to direct marketing materials produced in the Spanish language. This database is available with demographic and lifestyle enhancements.
      Count: 6,100,000 Cost: $85/M

    • Veterans

      Connect with America�s veterans who served their country in the military service, displaying their loyalty and patriotism.
      Count: 19,000,000 Cost: $70/M

    • Families with children

      Children influence a large portion of the disposable income spent in a family. This makes them perfect prospects for toys, clothes, books, and services.
      Count: 28,000,000 Cost: $35/M

    • Motorcyclists

      Helmets ... Saddlebags ... Chrome ... Leather gear ... Insurance ... Specialty magazines ... Charity rides ... Whatever message you have for the nation's motorcyclists, these people want to hear it! This segment contains all motorcycles registered to individuals. Count: 181,139 Cost: $65/M

    • Harley Davidson motorcycle owners

      ELECTRA GLIDE ... ROAD KING ... SOFTAIL ... SPORTSTER ... Reach an exclusive motorcycle market segment! A unique database of Harley-Davidson motorcycles registered in the US. Buell, Indian and Chopper are also available.
      Count: 308,176 Cost: $75/M

    • Shopping and buying behavior database

      This database connects you 42 product categories, 5 unique buying behavior groups, 27 niche shopping interests and available spending power.
      Count: 138,000,000 Cost: $85/M

    • Ailment database

      Permission-based for use of self-reported consumer health data. Selects includes ailment and treatment.
      Count: 59,000,000 Cost: $160/M

  • Unique lists

    • National who's who

      A segmentation of affluent Americans. These people have high discretionary incomes with homes valued at $1,000,000 or greater. Attributes for selection include home value, net worth, income, county, and zip code.
      Count: 920,291 Cost: $70/M

    • Nation's wealthiest 1%

      A unique segment of the wealthiest homeowners. These people have high incomes and lofty home values. Attributes that can be selected include assessed value, years of equity, income and geography. Based on Acorn® cluster to 1% nationwide and actual income figures.
      Count: 58,285 Cost: $80/M

    • Wealthy seniors

      An exceptional segmentation of affluent seniors. These people are at least 55 years old with an individual income of $120,000 or greater. Attributes available for selection include assessed property value, years of equity, income, county and zip code. Increased education + increased disposable income + increased leisure time = an increasing population sector with growing buying power.
      Count: 580,300 Cost: $80/M

    • Young mothers

      This dynamic database contains young women who have children. Whether your offering is for mothers or their children ... this is a far-sighted way to reach a special market segment. Income 30+, Ages 18-25.
      Count: 98,477 Cost: $65/M

    • Wealthy hispanics

      An exclusive database built by cross-indexing multiple public records where the individual has indicated that they are Hispanic. These individuals are not only of Hispanic background but also have individual income of $120,000 or more. Marketers who, due to the nature of their marketplace, require precise Hispanic selections have successfully utilized this segmentation.
      Count: 797,781 Cost: $80/M

    • Wealthy African-Americans

      An elite database cross-indexing multiple public records where the individual has indicated that they are African-American. These individuals are of African-American background with an individual income of at least $150,000 or more. Marketers who, due to the nature of their marketplace, require precise African-American selections have successfully utilized this segmentation.
      Count: 9,263 Cost: $80/M

  • Email and social networking databases

    • Social networking database

      Email addresses, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace or YouTube—reach consumers on their Social Networking sites.
      Count: 555,556 Cost: $150/M

    • Consumer email master file

      Permission-based email addresses of consumers with selects such as age, homeowner, families with children and geography.
      Count: 16,508,238 Cost: $110/M

  • International lists

    • Businesses

      Worldwide markets with Business list brokered from our worldwide contacts.
      Pricing varies according to the Country Selected list availability.

    • Canadian real estate investors

      A unique list of affluent real estate investors. Segmented by second home or vacant lot owners. Other selections include valuation, country of origin, postal or Zip code, state or province. These investors may have purchased their property through the mail or via telephone.
      Count: 40,110 Cost: $80/M

    • Canadian snowbirds

      A unique list of Canadian real estate investors. Segmented by second home or vacant lot owner. Other selections include valuation, postal code, and province. These investors may have purchased through the mail or via telephone solicitation. The permanent address of record is in Canada.
      Count: 30,610 Cost: $80/M


Mailing List, Data, and Technology Services

  • Customer's file database development and management
  • Customer's file psychographics, demographic and cluster profiling
  • List building from customer and purchased lists
  • Purchasing or renting lists at the high volume wholesale price level
  • List management of customer's file for rental income
  • List brokerage, lists locally or worldwide, postal or email, for any market
  • Postal and email list cleanup, hygiene and email appending
  • List compilation—we build lists for unique markets like yours
  • Data key entry from customer material for customer database building
  • International mailing list hygiene—increases delivery and saves postage costs
  • Geo mapping for lists selected by street, building, or neighborhood

Other Marketing Services

  • Digital Printing - The ultimate in personalized one-to-one printing. No quantity is too small or too big to personalize your message on each piece of printed material. Digital printing offers all the power of color and design of traditional print while allowing for variable data printing on each printed piece.
  • Copy Writing - Whatever delivery method you choose for your direct marketing, one of the essentials to making it successful is the word crafting of your message that will motivate your prospects to become buyers.
  • Social Media - We offer you our consulting know-how to set up and join in this new unique form of brand influence marketing.


  • Postal liaison
  • List processing, address delivery verification, de-duping, and NCOA update
  • Inkjet addressing
  • Digital print personalization
  • Inserting, folding, sealing, stamping, warehousing, and shipping
  • Standard or 1st class pre-sort rate mailings
  • Email address list updating and promotional blasts
  • Consultation and project management—from inception to completion