Find, Know, Keep & Grow
Profitable Customers

At SmarTTargeT Marketing, we understand that renting lists and mailing to consumers is not your goal. Connecting with promising prospects and cementing relationships with profitable customers are your real objectives. To do this, you must:

  • Target profitable prospects.
  • Profile your existing customers.
  • Identify the most responsive prospects.
  • Power predictive models.
  • Drive effective relationship programs.

A Rich & Accurate Data Source

Our list data helps you accomplish all of your goals. We are an original source compiler and for more than 24 years, have been collecting data from hundreds of primary sources to build the Consumer Marketing Database. Whether you use our data as a list, data append or for data profiling, our data helps you find new customers and keep your current customers active and loyal. Our data professionals understand the many nuances of data use and make recommendations for testing to help you fine-tune your targeting criteria.

Demographic - Every campaign relies on solid demographics like geography, age, family makeup and homeownership. Our database brings you the most current, accurate demographic data available.

Lifestyle - What consumers do in their spare time is a good indication of how they spend their money. Our lifestyle databases, created from self-reported sources such as product registrations and survey responses, offer true insight into interests and spending.

Attitudinal - Compiled and modeled through a myriad of carefully selected data sources, LIVING Well, Lists with Attitude™, Yankelovich MindBase®, and Digital Neighborhoods℠ allow you to target individuals based on their distinctive attitudes, values, and motivations, both offline and online.

Hotline - If you're targeting new movers, shopaholics, or new homeowners, our monthly 30-day hotline files connect you with proven, actively spending prospects.

Accuracy You Can Count On

We compile data at the individual level, then household it so you can target consumers at the individual, household, or address level, customizing your offer and message to the likely decision maker. Our files are standardized, updated continually, then processed through proprietary USPS® certified routines for superior deliverability. Our use of NCOALink®, LACSLink® and CASS® processed address-quality tools ensures maximum deliverability and postal discounts. Each individual record is ZIP + 4® coded and includes multiple date stamps to allow selection by recency of critical variables. All our databases are built with the same commitment to accuracy, deliverability and value.

Superior Data Quality and Quantity

  • Exact age for more than 230 million individuals
  • More females by name than any other source
  • 262 million consumers by ethnicity, language spoken, and religion
  • 110 million mature consumers
  • 28 million families with children
  • 45 million charitable donors
  • Largest source of consumer interests and lifestyles
  • All records processed through DPV®

Unique Market Segments

  • LIVING Well - Reach consumers based on their attitudes relating to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of health and wellness.
  • Buying Behavior - Target buyers by their preferred purchase categories and methods of shopping (online and offline) for true one-to-one marketing.
  • Mature Market - Connect with the fastest growing segment of the population over 50.
  • GENERATIONS Clustering System - Reach 52 distinct population segments with similar buying power, lifestyle, demographics, outlook on life, and more.
  • Healthcare Providers - Reach physicians, group practices and other allied healthcare professionals with your offer.
  • Ailment - Target 59 million consumers by more than 65 consumer-reported aches, pains, conditions, and treatments.

A Rich & Accurate Data Source

Our services don't stop with data. We can help you through each stage of the customer lifecycle—acquisition, retention, growth, loyalty, and win-back. We help you find high-value prospects, convert them into customers, and then increase your wallet share over a lifetime. Using our full range of services, you optimize your information so you can understand and anticipate your customers' wants and needs through life-changing events like marriage, homeownership, child rearing, and retirement. When you know your customers, you know success. Count on us for all your direct marketing needs.

Keep Your Database Accurate and Deliverable

Our DirectSuccess Processing Suite ensures the accuracy of your data and maximizes your postal discounts. It doesn't matter how creative the agency, how fantastic the offer, or how targeted the list, if the mail piece doesn't make it into the right mailbox. And if prospects receive duplicate offers, their name is spelled wrong—or worse yet, the mailer goes to a deceased family member—your reputation is compromised.

If you think that processing services are a commodity with no distinguishable difference except price, think again. The accuracy of the results and attention to detail vary widely by provider. We provide best-of-breed technology and practices developed and fine-tuned over many years.

Our IMPACT® solution combines proven business intelligence, data mining, analytics, and campaign management with processes and procedures that ensure the best use of timely and accurate data. The result is a total solution that empowers you to drive and enable your acquisition, retention, growth and loyalty strategies. Plus, we simplify an otherwise daunting undertaking by guiding you through the entire process from readiness assessment to campaign response management. IMPACT® is technology-enabled marketing at its best!

  • Integrates data, processing, analytics, and campaign management
  • Incremental update processing
  • Email messaging
  • Strategic consulting support
  • Address hygiene
  • Merge/purge
  • Suppression services
  • Specialized services
  • Campaign preparation & selection

Maximize Your ROI Through Smart Analytics

Your sucess depends on making the right decisions. That means understanding your data, enhancing it with outside data, analyzing it for greater insight, then developing and deploying the right mix of services. We provide expert decision support services to turn your raw data into business intelligence that enables you to attract and retain profitable customers. Buttressed by our proprietary "analytical roadmap" approach, which customizes the analytics to fit your unique needs, we offer a broad spectrum of services:

  • Profiling
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Segmentation
  • Predictive models
  • Lifetime value estimates

Acquire and Manage Profitable Relationships

Our IMPACT® database marketing solution brings all the pieces together. Data analytics and processing merge into an integrated platform, enabling you to manage an ongoing dialogue with your customers and prospects.

This blending of technology, expertise, and information lets you connect with consumers in ways that are relevant to their lives. You offer them products and services they want through their preferred channel.